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Web Application Development

Many companies have the need or requirement to do business with each other, themselves (multiple facility locations), and/or their customers over the web. As such, Web-based applications have exploded in popularity due to the ease of access afforded by something almost everyone has access to; a web browser. Examples of Web applications are numerous; anything from e-mail applications to sales transactional data programs, electronic document repositories to product line management and pricing tools. The potential is vast, and PPI can help you assess and implement a Web application that is right for you.

PPI’s experienced Web Application Development Group applies a proven approach to every project to ensure the success of your web application project:

    1. Identify the business logic and application elements
      PPI will work with you to map out the goals of the web application and identify each of the data sources

    2. Develop a specification of work and project timeline
      Based on our initial assessment and findings, PPI will provide you with a detailed plan specifying what tasks need to be completed, when they will be completed, and define responsibilities on each side of the project teams. PPI will streamline the development process and eliminate the guesswork.

    3. Perform the development of the web application
      PPI’s programmers will build the Web application using state of the art and industry-standard development tools. Beginning with the structure and housing-of-the data sets and completing with the user-defined actions, PPI performs regular usability tests and reviews throughout the development process to ensure the application is functioning properly, resolving any issues along the way.

    4. Implement the completed Web application and support plan
      Once the development work has been completed, PPI will release the application live, hosting of which can be provided by PPI. PPI will customize and recommend a support plan to ensure that maintaining and updating your Web application is a simple process regardless of where the application is hosted.

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