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Instructional Design

Employers: Your human resources are the greatest investment your company will make. Training your employees is an integral part of maintaining that investment.

Manufacturers and Service Providers: Providing quality training materials to go along with your company’s products or services will help increase accuracy and safety, reduce support costs, and improve the strength of your brand.

PPI offers a number of services to make your workforce educational and user training projects a success:

  • New Course Development
  • Needs Assessment
  • Instructional Program Design
  • Curriculum Development
  • Course Delivery
  • Course Evaluation

  • Existing Course Revision
  • Course Review
  • Needs Assessment
  • Program Re-design
  • Curriculum Development
  • Course Delivery
  • Course Evaluation 
  • Course Delivery Options
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • New course development/existing course revision
  • PPI Instructor delivers course to Customer Trainers
  • Evaluation/Revision of Customer Trainers’ techniques and delivery methods
  • PPI Instructor-led
  • New course development
  • Existing course revision
  • Existing course deliver

  • Computer Based Training
  • New Course Development
  • Existing Course Revision
  • Transfer existing Instructor-Led course to CBT.

  • Instructors:  PPI Instructors are qualified and certified Workforce Education and Development instructors, experienced in creating and delivering courses in the following areas
  • Technical
  • Operational
  • Knowledge-Based
  • Personal Performance-Based

Course Development

PPI provides the development of a course plan, using the Needs Assessment as a foundation.  This includes professional analysis of current training methods, training goals and needs, documentation, and testing requirements. Complete course design and development for both computer-based courses and instructor-led courses can be followed by implementation using PPI instructors. Course evaluation and revision are also integral parts of the process, allowing a dynamic course that maintains its focus on transferring knowledge to the trainee or user.

Needs Assessment

A Training Needs Assessment will provide an objective observation of current training, training goals, and recommendations for course development or revision.  Experienced Workforce Development Educators will identify key areas where an improvement in training will positively effect employee productivity and improve job performance.

Trained and experienced Workforce Education and Development curriculum development specialists review current training methods, results, and documentation to determine the best way to meet training goals.  Identification of training needs will specify course requirements on a topical level, including:

  • Instructional methods
  • Target audience identification
  • Terminal objective definition
  • Basic content organization recommendations
  • Instructor/trainee material requirements
  • Recommended curriculum delivery mediums
  • Estimated training time requirements
  • Estimated instructor/trainee preparation requirements.

Instructional Program Management

When there is a training need that is more comprehensive than a single course, PPI can design an Instructional Program divided into courses and delivered over the required medium that best fits your company's needs.